2011-01-20 11:42:05

Immigrant visas granted to...

  • 10-I Retired persons who receive pensions from their native countries.
  • 10-II Real estate and securities investors who bring capital the equivalent of at least 350 minimum monthly general salaries (S.M.V.) to Ecuador.
  • 10-III Investors in industry who wish to export agricultural products, livestock, or mined materials, provided they bring capital the equivalent of at least 600 minimum monthly general salaries to Ecuador.
  • 10-IV Companies with foreign local agents who possess unlimited power of attorney to represent the company in Ecuador, provided that 80% of the company´s local personnel are Ecuadorian.
  • 10-IV Contracted technicians.
  • 10-V Professionals with university degrees recognized by a national university. Should the applicant´s profession not exist in Ecuador, the degree must be locally certified.
  • 10-VI Spouses or blood related family member (second consanguinity degree) or foreign citizens holding a different category of immigrant visa in Ecuador.
  • 10-VII Legal activities not mentioned in the above categories.

Non immigrant granted to....

  • 12-I, II, III, Diplomats, Official and Technical Cooperation and courtesy.
  • 12-IV Political exiles and refugees.12-V Students.
  • 12-VI Temporary foreign technicians. This visa must be renewed every year and is granted by consul or Foreign Relations Ministry.
  • 12-VII Missionaries, granted by the Consul or Foreign Relations Ministry to be renewed every year.
  • 12-VIII Participants in intercultural exchanges, granted by the Consul or the Foreign Relations Ministry to be renewed every year.
  • 12-X Citizens from Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, China, D.P.R. of Korea, Cuba, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, El Salvador, India, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Republic of Korea, Syria, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Tunisia, Vietnam, Yemen and Palestine.12-IX Tourist and Business people, granted by the Consul, valid for max. 180 days per year.
  • 12-XI Temporary visitors for activities such as tourism, studies, and business, up to six months. Same requirements as visa 12-IX, with the exception that this one allows the visitor multiple entrances to the Ecuadorian territory.

Note: When several members of a family apply for a visa, only one application form is needed, and its cost USD 30. At the same time, family members of applicants of the visas: 12-V, 12-VI, 12-VII, 12-VIII, 12-IX, 12-XI, pays only the amount of USD 50.Not valid for visa 12-X.

For further information about visa regulations please visit the Ecuadorean Ministry of Foreign Affairs homepage: