The Galapagos Islands
2011-01-20 11:28:34

Located on the Equator, 1.000 kilometres from Ecuador’s coastline are the Galapagos Islands. Made famous by Charles Darwin, where he found the inspiration and substantiation for his theories regarding the evolution of species, the Galápagos Islands are volcanic originated. The climate is a pleasant sub-tropical moulded by the ocean currents, especially the cold Humboldt current, with an average yearly temperature of 28 Cş (85şF). There are 13 major islands, 6 smaller islands and over 40 islets. The Enchanted Isles, as the Galapagos Islands are known, are of great biological interest and house of an incredible high rate of endemic species. The Archipelago holds one of the most valuable national parks on earth and the second largest marine reserve in the world. The Ecuadorian authorities make great efforts to preserve these natural treasures.