Up to 90 days
2011-01-20 10:44:39

Citizens from the Nordic and Baltic countries travelling to Ecuador for tourism, business, studies, or any other purpose, do not require a visa unless they expect to stay in Ecuador for more than 90 days. The only travel requirements are:

  • Valid passport
  • Authorities may require the return air ticket
  • Proof of economic means to support himself during the permanence in Ecuador (may be asked by Immigration Authorities)

Nationals from Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, China, D.P.R. of Korea, Cuba, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, El Salvador, India, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Pakistan, Republic of Korea, Syria, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Tunisia, Vietnam, Yemen and Palestine wishing to travel to Ecuador, please contact the Embassy of Ecuador or the nearest Ecuadorian Consulate, to obtain a "Visa 12-X".

(See under 12-X visa for further information)

Citizens from the Republic of Korea must apply at the Ecuadorian Embassy in Seoul.