A Unique, Friendly and Peaceful Destination
2011-01-20 10:39:56

Ecuador is recognized for its remarkable natural, geographic and cultural diversity. Within a relatively small territory (256.370 square kilometers), Ecuador shelters the biggest biodiversity per area in the world (9.2 species per square kilometer).

Ecuador has four diverse and rich regions: The Amazon rain forest, the Coast, the highland Andes, and the Galapagos Archipielago. The cultural diversity is equally rich. This beautiful country embraces an impressive variety of ethnic groups, including some untouched communities that still preserve traditional costumes and cultures. As a result of its multi-ethnic composition, ancient history, and the skilled arts and crafts of its inhabitants, Ecuador offers a wide and varied gastronomy and folklore.

  A continuously improving infrastructure makes Ecuador an exciting and comfortable travel destination. Visitors frequently mention that the country has "exceeded their expectations in many ways" and praise the people´s friendliness.

Safety of the visitors in Ecuador is a main concern for the government authorities as well as for the tour operators in the country. The National Safety Plan has been developed in a joint effort between the Police and various institutions of the public and private sector. The specialized Tourism Police is active in the main cities and tourist attractions, to ensure our country´s visitors a pleasant, safe and worry-free stay.

Extreme violence, guerrillas or large-scale crime in general does not affect Ecuador. It can certainly be considered one of the most peaceful countries in South America.

With all its attractions, good services, friendliness and tranquillity, in a peaceful area of the world, Ecuador welcomes its foreign visitors with open arms and warm smiles.

For information about Ecuador, please visit the Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador